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Author of A Beautiful Reality and Love Would Say.

Mark Woollacott

Born in the Sixties, Mark Woollacott was educated and raised in a rather green and pleasant corner of the British Isles. He grew up believing, for some strange reason, that the world would be a nice place to live and to grow up in, but he soon discovered how unnecessarily complex, ridiculous and unfair the world seemed for most of the time. He was not at all impressed. He wondered why people on this planet tolerated this way of living and didn't question why things were the way they were more often. He often wondered why all the leaders of the world didn't get together and say to each other “Wouldn't it be nice if the world could be better suited for everyone, instead of only a minority of people having a pleasant time of it!”

The Imagination Opens Up!

I have always enjoyed writing stories, and despite showing poor levels of grammar and punctuation in my early days, at school, it never held me back from using my imagination to the full and to express my stories to best of my ability. Having the freedom to use my imagination to its broadest possible scope was always a creative temptation that I found hard to resist.

Words, Words, Words!

During the middle part of the 1990s, I journeyed through an intense and prolonged period of writing lasting many years: I say “journeyed” because it seemed at the time as if I was embarking upon a route in which I might develop and improve my modest creative abilities, such as they were at that time, and thereby explore formats of writing I hadn't considered before. I was still “learning my craft”, but the only way I could see any hope in which to improve, was to write and to keep on writing! This journey (albeit an inner creative one) enabled me to consider and investigate genres I hadn't contemplated previously; it opened up the world of words to me more than ever before!

Learning my Craft

I spent a great deal of time, sometimes up to fourteen hours a day, typing stories on a computer; creating fictional settings and characters and throwing them into various situations, all the while remembering the basics of story writing, structure, plotting, sub-plotting, etc. I loved it. Once I was “in the flow”, in tune with my muse, so to speak, and under the delightful sway of an inner creative momentum fully set in motion, story ideas poured out of my imagination by the hour and splashed onto the page as the ink of my pen formed the scribbled notes that would eventually form the foundation of my stories. Such writing was always written with an eager kind of haste, and along with it there was also an underlying sense of satisfaction and personal accomplishment as my creative journey was gradually beginning to unfold.

Writing Formats

Although I began by writing novels, I soon became fascinated by additional writing formats; I quite enjoyed writing television sitcom scripts. I also wrote a few spec television drama scripts and wrote a couple of film screenplays.

Making My Books Available

Around 2012, I made the decision to self-publish a few of my novels; but before I did so, I revisited them and gave them a final edit before releasing them in paperback and in e-book format – as these stories had been written ten or eleven years before!

A New Awareness

During the latter part of 2017, I became inspired to write a book about my spiritual experiences and beliefs, which I hoped would be helpful to readers. This book is called A Beautiful Reality. The manuscript underwent many changes in its evolution, including one major rewrite quite early on that removed a quarter of the content of the book! It was during the writing process of this book that I experienced what is known as “inspired writing” – a form of writing that arises from a higher state of conscious awareness. This experience was completely new to me – and it was also quite unexpected! Inspired writing doesn't involve meditating or going into some sort of religious trance-like state, nor is it the same thing as “free writing” or “automatic writing”; rather it happens when the writer is fully conscious and alert, like an immediate flow of thoughts in the mind, beautiful, almost poetic at times. The only way I can describe the difference between inspired writing and ordinary everyday creative writing is that inspired writing genuinely seems to carry a “greater truth” in the words that are coming through into the conscious mind, and feels very natural and peaceful when it occurs – almost as if the writer is in the process of receiving a higher, spiritual-like, creative gift! If this should ever happen to you, you will understand perfectly what I am describing.

Inspired Writing

Inspired writing is but another part of the journey for me, as a writer. I hope my inspired books will be helpful and engaging for readers.

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Always look upon the ‘rewrite’ as an opportunity to make better what was there before; open up this potential and see it as a metaphorical window through which inspiration and good correction can travel through and help a writer realize a much better outcome for their work.”

Mark Woollacott,

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