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A book to aid personal happiness, inner tranquillity, love and wellbeing, by Mark Woollacott

A Beautiful Reality

What is the kindest thing you could ever say to anyone? What is the kindest thought you could ever have toward another person? What is the kindest thing you could ever think about yourself? And what would be the kindest thing anyone could ever say or write about you?

A Beautiful Reality answers all of these questions and conveys the sincerest expression and serenity of Mark’s beautiful prose style and inspired writing to the modern reader. It tells of his own journey of inner transformation and awakening. His extraordinary vision and experiences speak collectively as a positive message for people today: that we can all eventually reach the truth of who we really are through self-knowledge and by trusting the guidance of our Inner Teacher. A Beautiful Reality is a gentle spiritual teaching that helps to awaken inner happiness, love and peace in the reader.

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The world for me became a place of love where no fear could ever touch my thoughts. I spoke in light, I sang in light; I ate in light, I bathed in light; I gave comfort in light, I healed in light; I slept in light, I dreamed in light. Love expressed itself without any earthly sound. Love was revealed to me in silence, and in the stillness of the evening’s gloaming, where the lights of many shimmered and were blessed, I discovered a peace so certain that never again could I believe that anything other than love could exist so pure.

This love flowed beyond the horizon of all I ever believed. Its revelation was a dawn to me and spilled brightly across old views I once held firm. Its truth went beyond all thinking; and of word and expression was a need no longer just. Encased with thoughts so old they weakened, the dust of time gave way to light, and my love then stood among the gathered people: all who would witness truth. Tall and ever present – like a star held in gentle motion, extending brightly from one to all – this brilliance did I show to those who would never again shield their eyes to me; not then, not even now.

You are my friend – if you would trust my love for you – and in your hand I place my key to open your vision, which will be so lovely to your mind. You are one who shines in light, you are present in my life. You are free, if you but knew; you could love and share as me. Love heals all and this I promise; my word is rock and rock endures. This love has been given, to you and to all. To everybody you ever knew, love’s past cannot ever exclude."

A Beautiful Reality – Chapter One: From Whence Comes Love?

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A Beautiful Reality has been a while in the making and explores the spiritual, metaphysical and psychological areas of ourselves with fresh meaning and honesty. Written in a gentle, inspiring, and helpful way, the author invites the reader to have an opportunity to re-awaken the beautiful and timeless qualities that have always existed within the true Self (the inner spiritual part of ourselves). This book is a reflection of Mark's own spiritual experiences, beliefs and inner philosophical musings.

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