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Mark Woollacott is a UK author from south west England. Throughout most of Mark’s life, there have been a number of themes which have resonated with him on a creative level, and these are the themes of beauty, divine love and spirituality. In some ways, these themes have acted as a foundation ― and an important catalyst ― which guided his creativity and had the power to inspire. They were also indicative of a much deeper inner need: to know the Divine.

You are born in the blissful stillness of the Divine and exist as divine light. Everything that exists is settled, loving and calm. Brilliant golden-white light shines everywhere with love and peace and pervades the entirety of your existence at all times. There is no place where this light is not in existence. You are already joined in harmony with the divine and know of love and joy. There is no language required for you to know about your existence. You are one with everything in this eternal, gentle greatness. It is the only reality that is known.”

You Are Divine – Chapter One: Who Are You?


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Angels everywhere …

“The first time you see an angel is a very special occasion; it is a moment of wonder accompanied by a feeling of inner joy. The sight of an angelic being, who is present only because of you and because of your longing to know the divine, is an uplifting experience that will stay in your memory forever. When an angel reveals itself to you in its divine raiment, there arrives a moment when you suddenly accept that you do not know everything about the reality you thought was real. By recognizing the angel as a representative of another reality quite different from the experiences commonly found in the physical world, you accept that the divine can reach you ― even here in the world of matter ― and can remind you of what is true about your eternal reality and help you to communicate better with the divine.”

You Are Divine – Chapter Nine: Recognizing the Divine

NOVEL: Pray For Fey

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Fiction writer Mark Woollacott delves straight into the world of fairies and sheds light on the mysteries of the soul and the afterlife in what is truly an unforgettable story rich with powerful insights about fairy nature. This moving fairy tale is heartrending in its intimacy and will leave readers touched by its gentle eloquence, spiritual insights and beauty.

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