Mark Woollacott Author and Artist

Mark Woollacott author and artist


Mark's writing conveys a rare poetic eloquence that almost speaks to you as if it is originating from a higher intuitive level.

A Brief Introduction ...

I am an author and professional artist based in South West England. I have been painting landscapes, architectural and maritime scenes for many years.

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I have donated artwork to The Prince's Trust and my paintings have been exhibited at various exhibitions, including a major London Art Fair held at Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park and select gallery representation at Windsor, Shrewsbury and Ilfracombe. Most of my artworks are now in private collections in the United Kingdom, but there are also a number of my originals and prints in small private collections in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Norway, the USA, and in Australia.

Mark painting Snowdon landscape
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A Journey into the Self ...

In addition to painting, I also write fiction and non-fiction. Over the years, I have written a number of books which have explored universal themes (nature, spirituality, divinity, peace) which, in their own way, have each been important to me. Such themes have always intrigued and fascinated me and will continue to influence the way I look at the world and all that lies beyond, in “that great yonder”.

Love Sings Like the Nightingale

book cover and pages

The year is 1693 and it is a time when the Kingdom of Sicily was part of the Spanish Empire and ruled by local barons. This short play was originally written during October 2007 and was later rewritten (with only a few minor alterations made) in February 2012 and published shortly after. Love Sings like the Nightingale is a tragic love story; it is a traditional drama about self-worth, trust, resignation and regret. Discover more about this play.

A Beautiful Reality

“It comes kindly to you from a loving source, and no greater love could there ever be for you, nor a greater peace and joy that would gladly refill your heart again as it once was, so long ago.”

Chapter Four: Searching for a Revelation

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